Act of Genesis Stance in Halo Infinite – How to unlock

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The Halo Infinite campaign is full of little easter eggs, secret nooks and crannies, and a vast open-world for you to get lost in. On your travels, you might come across a bunch of collectibles, like audio logs, skulls, so on and so forth, that can net you some gamerscore when all have been uncovered.

What’s also available are multiplayer unlocks for playing Halo Infinite’s campaign which includes weapon skins, charms, coatings, and more. One particular unlock that players have been looking for any sort of information on is the Act of Genesis Stance which not only looks pretty majestic, it’s of Legendary rarity also.

Below, we’re going to be providing you will all the information we have on the Act of Genesis Stance so that you can unlock it for yourself and be the envy of your fellow Spartans.

How to unlock Act of Genesis Stance in Halo Infinite

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If you’ve been searching far and wide for the elusive Act of Genesis Stance within Halo Infinite’s campaign, so that you’re able to get it equipped for multiplayer matches, you’re not alone.

Usually, these campaign multiplayer rewards are hidden within armor lockers, scattered throughout Zeta Halo for you to uncover, but sadly, acquiring the Act of Genesis Stance is something that is dumbfounding players. It doesn’t seem to be within one of these lockers or even as a reward for completing the game on LASO for example so, as expected, many are getting a little frustrated as to how to unlock the Legendary Stance.

At this point in time, both here at WePC and across the web, have decided that you’re simply not able to unlock this Stance yet. It isn’t within the usual armor lockers and not one person (to our knowledge) has been able to find a way of unlocking it. Some are suggesting that it may be a co-op unlock and since this feature won’t be in the game until around May 2022, you’re likely going to be searching blindly until that date.

This is a similar story to the Requiem Revengeance which also seems plagued by an invisible gate, keeping every player who wants it well and truly locked out.

All that we can hope for is some form of communication from 343 on the state of both these multiplayer rewards so there’s not a wild goose chase for something that is simply not in the game at this current time.

As and when we get an update on the Act of Genesis Stance we will update this article with all the relevant information so you can secure it as soon as possible.

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