AFK Arena Hunting Fields Tips and Tricks

Last Updated: December 6, 2021

The AFK Arena Hunting Fields are back this December and you can start your journey with your friends. In groups of 5, make your way across the AFK Arena Hunting Fields to defeat Oleus.

The Hunting Fields is just a temporary event in the Dark Forest that some players might think is similar to the Abyssal Expedition event. But you can only unlock the Hunting Fields after beating Campaign 19-40. Players can move through the fields and conquer lands, gain noble titles and obtain various rewards, either solo (where you’ll be paired with random squad members) or with a team of 4 friends. There is also an option for players to join a team as a spectator where they are not required to do anything, but only earn 80% of the rewards as a result. Each team can have up to 10 spectators.

Throughout the AFK Arena Hunting Fields are a variety of mini-bosses to fight which will grant the player with loot, hero runes, and hunters marks.

AFK Arena Hunting Fields Guide

We’ll go through some tips and tricks that’ll help you get through this event easily.

  • Team up with your friends and Guild members rather than strangers. You’ll be less likely to be abandoned then.
  • Once the event starts, focus on acquiring all camps as soon as possible, up to the limit.
  • Avoid using x2 or x4 Speed as you could lose unexpectedly.
  • Don’t attack the mini bosses in the second zone after you unlock it, focus on attacking the mini bosses in the first zone.
  • Combine all the relics after you have the material to save Hunter Marks.
  • Transfer all your relics o the shared bag automatically. You don’t need most of the relics you have, it’s better to share.

Attacking the Bosses

Don’t be too hasty, to make sure you beat the bosses you”ll need to strategise.

  • Alna: Don’t go after them until the main carries have 3-0 Relics
  • Khazard: When main has 4-0 Relics.
  • Oleus: When main has 4-2 Relics.

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