Against all odds, Good Omens is getting a second season

Amazon Prime and BBC’s adaptation of Good Omens has been greenlit for a second season, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Michael Sheen and David Tennant will reprise their roles as hedonistic angel Aziraphale and reluctantly noble demon Crowley, respectively.

The first season of the show ran for six episodes and was an incredibly loving and faithful adaptation of Neil Gaiman and the late Terry Pratchett’s 1990 novel. This new season will tell a new story, revisiting the characters at a point yet unknown — though it will incorporate bits of the never-written sequel that Gaiman and Pratchett once brainstormed. Gaiman, who served as executive producer and co-showrunner of the first season, will return for this new one.

“It’s 31 years since Good Omens was published, which means it’s 32 years since Terry Pratchett and I lay in our respective beds in a Seattle hotel room at a World Fantasy Convention, and plotted the sequel,” said Gaiman to the Hollywood Reporter. “I got to use bits of the sequel in Good Omens — that’s where our angels came from. Terry’s not here any longer, but when he was, we had talked about what we wanted to do with Good Omens, and where the story went next.

Previously, Gaiman wrote a little video for the book’s 30th anniversary featuring a phone call between Aziraphale and Crowley chatting about the COVID-19 lockdown.

The second season will run for six episodes and will kick off when Aziraphale and Crowley encounter an angel with no memory wandering London. Unlike the first season, however, BBC is not involved.

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