Apex Legends Has Been Hacked By Players Angry About Titanfall

Early this morning, Apex Legends seems to have been hacked by folks who feel Respawn hasn’t done enough to fight hackers in its original game, Titanfall.

Some Apex Legends players on PC have discovered that in-game playlists and notifications have been hacked and replaced with text complaining about Titanfall hackers. The hacked messages also advertise a website, SaveTitanfall.com, which claims that Respawn and EA haven’t done enough to keep the older shooter safe from hackers.

The hack currently happening doesn’t appear to be affecting every player on all platforms. Some have reported it might be happening on Xbox, but the majority of screenshots and clips of the hack are from the PC version of the game. Those affected by the hack seem unable to join other playlists outside of the hacked one.

Apex Legends News reported on the ongoing hacks earlier this morning, sharing screenshots and video clips of the hacked server messages.

All of the hacks advertise a website that claims Titanfall is “unplayable” in its current state and that EA and Respawn are “…willingly pretending that they do not know about the situation.” The site goes further, claiming EA and Respawn are committing “fraud” by continuing to sell the game.

Titanfall and Titanfall 2 have been suffering from DDOS attacks and hacks for some time now. It’s become extremely frustrating for players who prefer Respawn’s earlier shooters.

Respawn has responded to these issues and says its working on it. But it’s not an easy fix. Back in May of this year, Respawn’s Director of Communication, Ryan K. Rigney, tweeted about how much work it takes to fix these DDOS hacks and how annoying it is for the team. “The situation affecting the Titanfall games right now is so frustrating,” explained Rigney. “Weeks of work required to address each new stupid thing.”

As of 11:30 am est, neither the offical Respawn Twitter account or Apex Legends account have commented on the ongoing hack. Kotaku has reached out to EA about the situtaion.

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