Atomos & Frame.io Collaboration Brings Camera-to-Cloud for NINJA V/V+ and SHOGUN Line

Atomos recently partnered up with Frame.io to bring Camera-to-Cloud workflows to their monitors/recorders. This announcement comes with the introduction of two fresh products: the Atomos Connect accessory for Ninja V/V+ and the brand new Shogun Connect. Both devices will be available in June.

A few weeks ago, Adobe introduced Frame.io integration for the latest releases of Premiere Pro and After Effects. The Adobe-owned cloud-based collaboration platform has just announced they are now shaking hands with a large number of companies to expand the reach of their Camera-to-Cloud technology and remote collaboration tools. The list of brands and platforms includes FiLMIC Pro, Teradek, Viviana Cloud, FDX FilmDataBox, FilmLight’s Baselight, Apple TV 4K, and of course one of the leaders of on-set capture: Atomos.

Indeed, Frame.io and the Australian company are now bringing Camera-to-Cloud to the Ninja V/V+ and Shogun ecosystems. First introduced in 2021, the goal of this technology is to transfer video files from set to post-production in the blink of an eye, thus almost entirely eliminating ingest times. This efficient technology is now coming to Atomos products and will embrace an increasing number of users. Let’s take a closer look.

Image credit: Frame.io

Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud comes to Atomos products

To make this happen, the Australian company had to release two new network-connected devices. The Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect come with integrated Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud capabilities. The former is a modular accessory specifically designed for the existing Ninja V/V+ models, while the latter is a span-new 7-inch monitor/recorder.

The new Atomos Shogun Connect. Source: Atomos

These new cloud-connected devices will allow users to simultaneously capture two versions of the same footage: a high-quality DNxHR/DNxHD/ProRes, or ProRes RAW (Ninja V+ and Shogun Connect only) variant and a lightweight 1080p H.264/H.265 proxy file that gets instantly uploaded to Frame.io. The two versions will share the same file name and timecode reference, thus resulting in smooth editorial workflows.

What’s even more impressive is the fact that the upload of the proxy files starts immediately, while the shot is still being captured, before your camera even stops recording! This astonishing result is achieved thanks to a new Atomos progressive file transfer technology.

The new Atomos Connect for Ninja V/V+. Source: Atomos

Once the upload is complete, the Frame.io extension in the supported NLE of your choice will populate with all the footage you need to start editing on-the-fly. You will only need a common 4G LTE, 5G, or Wi-fi network for this magic to work. According to Frame.io co-founder Emery Wells, this revolutionary workflow is:

“much like the transition from film to tape, or tape to hard drives”.

Emery Wells, Frame.io co-founder and VP of Digital Products at Adobe

Atomos Connect for Ninja V/V+ and Shogun Connect with Frame.io integration

The new Atomos Connect is a tiny 12G-SDI unit that attaches to the back of the Ninja V/V+. It integrates the capabilities of the existing AtomX SDI and SYNC modules, supporting 4K inputs at up to 120fps and SDI RAW data up to 6K30.

The new Atomos Connect for Ninja V/V+. Source: Atomos

On the other hand, the Shogun Connect is a new bright (2000nits) 7-inch HD screen with an elegant aluminum design. It inherits the recording and HDR monitoring capabilities of the popular Shogun lineup while adding cloud-based features.

This new recorder comes with 12G-SDI Loop Through IN and OUT ports as well as HDMI IN/OUT connections. Like other devices in the Shogun lineup, it supports SDI/HDMI signal cross-conversion and the same resolution/frame rates input combinations of the Atomos Connect.

The new Atomos Shogun Connect. Source: Atomos

Common features

Both devices offer several power options to easily adapt to different camera setups. For example, the Shogun Connect can draw power from the built-in Sony NP-F battery plate, or 2.1mm jack DC IN.

Moreover, both units share the same connectivity features, including Wi-fi 6, Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth LE, and AirGlu™ technology for seamless wireless timecode SYNC of multiple video sources on set. Additionally, the Shogun Connect is equipped with a multi-functional USB-C interface.

Image credit: Atomos

Price and availability

According to Atomos, both products will be available for pre-order soon. Indeed, the Atomos Connect for Ninja V/V+ and Shogun Connect should reach the shelves in June 2022. They will cost $399 and $1,299 respectively.

Moreover, if you’re curious to put your hands on these two revolutionary devices, you can have a taste at NAB Show in Las Vegas (April 23-27th). Indeed, the Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect will be on display at the Atomos booth (#C9526).

Are you already familiar with Frame.io Camera-to-Cloud technology? What do you think about the new Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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