Automatic Photo Editing Is a Sham? PhotoWorks 10.0 Begs to Differ

You think that automatic photo editing can’t bring good results – think again. 

Here you are, back from your latest photography gig, exhausted and wired. But hey, those pictures you took aren’t going to edit themselves, right? So you sit down and work till the wee hours of the morning because the photos are due soon. Don’t you think there is a better way to edit photos that wouldn’t include overstraining yourself? Well, good news – there is. If you don’t want to toil for hours while post-processing your pics, consider switching from a manual editing approach to auto. 

Editor’s Note: This is a sponsored blog post from PhotoWorks.

If you are ready to trust an artificial intelligence to edit your images, then give a go to PhotoWorks 10.0. This is an automatic photo editor that is easier than most popular softwares, but still possesses enough features and instruments to give them a run for their money. Powered by neural networks, this program is very intuitive and will accommodate both newbies and pros. Besides, PhotoWorks is quite affordable – even more so, since our readers can get it at a discount price. So let’s have a gander at how this image editor can aid you in your work.  

Auto Correction – Fix Most Flaws in a Click

In a perfect world, pictures would always turn out fine. But since they don’t, we usually need a little help with them. In PhotoWorks, this help comes in the form of the Auto Correction button. This automatic feature instantly improves your images’ color balance, dynamic range, exposure with just a click. The program’s content-aware AI recognizes all common flaws of your images and fixes them accordingly. All you’ll have to do is to choose the settings you want to improve further and adjust the intensity of all the changes. Bear in mind that the quickness and easiness of this editing method does not imply that you’ll be sacrificing the end result. This automatic photo editing software has been trained on thousands and thousands of images to be able to bring out the best in them.It all makes the Auto Correction feature a true time- and resources-savior for those who have too many photos to take care of. 

Batch Processing – Mass Edit Photos with Ease

And speaking of. If you indeed have tons of images that could use some enhancing, then direct your attention to this image editior’s batch processing feature. As its name suggests, this feature allows you to edit multiple images at once – fix their color balance, exposure, contrast, sharpness, and many other aspects. These edits might be performed either manually (with intuitive sliders) or automatically (with the aforementioned Auto Correction). Apart from basic enhancement, PhotoWorks also lets you stylize a group of your pics with various artistic filters, 3D LUT presets, and HRD effects. What’s more, you can brand all your images with a watermark in one sitting. Just create a logo right within this picture editor, save its style and position as a template then apply it to your photos. 

While no novelty by any standard, PhotoWorks’ mass picture editing has a few distinct qualities that differentiate it from its closest competitors. First off, the Auto Correction feature does not apply the same unified settings to all the images in the batch. Instead, it analyzes the photos’ flaws and comes up with individual – and most beneficial – solutions for every picture. Besides, while in the batch processing mode, you can preview all your edits in real time, meaning that you’ll see the changes in the preview mode right away and will be able to control them. 

Portrait Magic – Retouch Faces Automatically

If you primarily focus on portrait photography, you know that retouching faces can be a pain in the neck – almost literally. Thankfully, PhotoWorks has a specialized module devoted solely to portrait retouching. It is aptly called Portrait Magic and is comprised of dozens of beautifying presets. With just a click of a mouse, you can make the model’s skin smoother, add a slight tan, get rid of redness, whiten teeth, and whatnot. Despite being an automatic photo editing feature, Portrait Magic perfectly balances between a quick solution and a naturally-looking result. Apart from automatic enhancements, Portrait Magic also offers users manual tweaking – not with masks or brushes, but with convenient and responsive sliders. And don’t worry if you have multiple faces in the photo – PhotoWorks lets you edit them all individually. 

Effects and 3D LUTs – Change the Atmosphere of Your Shots

If your vision of the photo requires some intricate color and lighting tuning that would take hours to achieve via manual settings, then consider employing filters and 3D LUTs. PhotoWorks comes with hundreds of those: retro, Color Splash, black and white, warm or cold tones, glow and movie effects – you name it. All these effects are built-in and applied with a single click, even to a batch of images. If you want to drastically change the color scheme and feel of your pictures without tweaking the actual color settings, then opt to using 3D LUT profiles. Just pick the preset you like and the software will automatically transform your single photo or a bunch of them.

Background Change – Have Fun with Swapping Backdrops

This feature might seem somewhat insignificant for more, let’s say, classically trained photo retouchers, but photo montage enthusiasts will love it. With just a few brush strokes, you can completely delete the background of your picture and swap it for a different one (or just leave your image as it is – with a transparent backdrop). No meticulous selection or masking – the automatic photo editor will easily separate the background from the photo’s object. Then you are free to do what you want – send your model on a trip to an exotic island, superimpose the separated layer on another pic, or edit a person into a photo. 

As you might have guessed, there is so much more to PhotoWorks than we had time to tell. From radial filter to image overlay, from cropping presets to digital noise removal – this automatic photo editor has all the tools you might need to fix your images with minimum effort. If PhotoWorks got you hooked, then you are in luck. Right now you can get this image editor with a special discount provided by the vendor exclusively for our readers. So let hours-long retouching be a thing of the past and embrace PhotoWorks’ powerful automatic features.  

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