Best Dell Desktop PC Black Friday Deals

Black Friday has long been one of the best times of year to get a great deal on even high-end Dell desktop PCs and components, and 2021 will be no exception. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your graphics card or out to buy an entire new desktop PC, we expect to see plenty of discounts and some of the lowest prices of the year from retailers during Black Friday.

Don’t believe us? Well, Dell themselves have promised that 2021 is going to be their biggest Black Friday ever, helping you save on powerful performing desktop PCs, components, monitor deals, and other accessories. While Black Friday itself falls on 26 November 2021, that’s no reason to wait around as we anticipate plenty of price drops on Dell desktop PC components and bundles in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Buying a Dell Desktop PC this Black Friday

Whether you’re buying a Dell desktop PC for gaming, home or business use, we’re confident you’ll find some of the best deals of 2021 this Black Friday. As you probably know, a global chip shortage has impacted the availability of some PC components, meaning that these kinds of deals just haven’t been around during the rest of the year. Black Friday is going to be the best time to make some big savings on PC processors, graphics cards, and pre-built desktop PC bundles.

We’re also expecting that – with Intel poised to unveil their new 12th generation processors – Dell may be looking to move stock of desktop PCs that carry the 11th generation processors, as well as the individual processors themselves, this Black Friday. Great news for PC shoppers looking to score a great price.

Where to get the best deal on a Dell Desktop PC this Black Friday?

It’s often the case that Dell themselves offer the best deals on their own desktop PCs on Black Friday, direct from their own site – but we’ve got our eyes on the rest of the PC retailers out there too, just in case. You’ll find all the very best prices on desktop PCs and components this Black Friday below.

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