B&H Live Video Chat now Available – One-on-One with an Expert

B&H Live Video Chat now Available – One-on-One with an Expert

Our trusted and long-time partner B&H has recently announced the availability of its newest feature called Live Video Chat, a service that allows customers to be assisted as if they were right there in the B&H SuperStore in NYC.

So if you have a question about a specific item or just need help once you’ve gone down the camera, sound and lighting equipment rabbit hole…. B&H Live Video Chat is here to help. Or more accurately, the specialists in that particular department at B&H are there to help you.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit the real B&H SuperStore in NYC several times (this was before the pandemic), and I have to admit that this store is pretty impressive. You can get everything there, from clever accessories to uber-expensive cine cameras. And, of course, the help of the professionals who work there is invaluable. Quite the difference to just shop around online.

B&H Live Video Chat

The advantages of this new service are twofold: It is certainly beneficial for health reasons because of the aforementioned pandemic, but it also opens the door to people who don’t live in New York. We’re talking about the Internet here, and therefore a worldwide service. While connected to a department expert, one can discuss equipment choices, be shown different pieces of equipment, or compare alternatives.

The best thing for the customers from all over the world? The new live video chat service is completely free, you don’t have to buy anything. So, how can you use this service? It’s simple: click on the “Chat” box at the bottom right and select “Video Chat”. Of course, you need to call during NYC business hours.

B&H Video Chat
The new B&H Live Video Chat feature. Image credit: B&H

This is a truly customer-oriented service, and I tip my hat to the fine folks at B&H in New York. I really hope they can handle the sheer volume of customers who want to snag a spot on this new service. Perhaps this is a new development, and over time more and more major retailers will offer such a service – we’ll have to wait and see. But for now, it’s certainly a great service that B&H is offering here.

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Link: B&H

Would you make use of this new live video chat feature with an upcoming purchase? Tell us below in the comments!

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