Blizzard unveil World of Warcraft Eternity’s End: WoW Patch 9.2

Last Updated: November 11, 2021

Blizzard Entertainment has revealed the upcoming 9.2 content, Eternity’s End. The Eternity’s End content features some new mechanics, along with a new raid, The Sepulcher of the First Ones, among an early preview of the new zone, Zereth Mortis and more.

WoW 9.2’s new zone: Zereth Mortis

Zereth Mortis is the new zone coming in 9.2. It is a gateway to another world, which the Jailer has fled to after the scenes in 9.1 The Primus helps us get there, bringing us to one of the places the First Ones created realms such as the Shadowlands.

In there you will find a desert biome, filled with nothing, serving as the First One’s workbench for life and death. Then, there is a Bastion like biome, with fauna and creatures running around. 

In terms of systems, you can expect more dailies and other activities, all accessible and progressing through a new system called Cyphers. The Cyphers are somewhat like musical boxes that help you unlock dailies, side quests, and other progressive single-player and party content. By unlocking this new content, you’ll also learn more about the language of the Progenitors, the race that inhabit the Zereth Mortis region on behalf of the First Ones.

Sepulchre of the First One raid

The new raid for 9.2 is the Sepulcher of the First Ones. The raid takes you through some unnatural laws of physics, with weird architecture, world formations and more. Inside, you will find the Jailers Forces, along with an Algalon like enemy corrupted by the Jailer’s magic. More so, you will fight Dreadlords that has some connection to the Shadowlands. Also, Anduin is present in some capacity. We will learn more about him and his condition, as our characters and leaders can avoid the Jailer’s corruption. 

Lastly, Tier Sets are returning with the – Progenitor sets. Classes will once again feel like classes, with their unique designs, We don’t know what the WoW tier sets bonuses will do just yet, but it’s certainly exciting that they are back.

WoW 9.2 New Mounts

Is it even a WoW patch without new mounts? WoW 9.2 is getting a few new mounts, including a flying mount that looks like an origami bird, which is present in Zereth Mortis. Also, some spider mounts can now fly, but we are not too sure which ones. And, we got evidence of a grey and silver snail becoming a mount, which is new.

There are also new pets coming to 9.2. Like the mounts, these battle pets are animals that inhabit Zereth Mortis.

Other content

With the new patch comes the new season. Expect a new seasonal affix, a PvP season, along with Tazavesh getting split into two separate dungeons for Mythic+.

Moreso, Blizzard have minted at profession changes, along with soulbind, conduit and other balance changes.

You can catch the announcement video here.

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