Call of Duty Warzone server maintenance status right now

Last Updated: December 8, 2021

Need to find out when you can drop back into your favourite multiplayer mode? Let’s take a look at the current Call of Duty Warzone server status and when you can expect to get back into the action.

Seasonal online multiplayer games like Call of Duty’s Warzone have to be taken offline from time to time for scheduled maintenance in order to bring you the latest maps and large updates for new Seasons. They also might go down for unscheduled periods for smaller patches or server issues. Today, servers have been brought down in preparation for Call of Duty Warzone: Pacific, Season One.

Call of Duty Warzone servers downtime

Call of Duty Warzone Pacific Servers down

Technically, Warzone Pacific hasn’t started yet, so this isn’t an issue with the servers struggling to cope. Instead, COD Warzone servers are currently undergoing scheduled maintenance to bring in the Pacific update. As such, we know when the servers will be back online, as Activision have had to prepare for the large update rollout.

When will COD servers be back up?

According to official Call of Duty comms, Warzone Pacific launches on December 8th, 2021 at 9am PST. However, this is for owners of Call of Duty Vanguard as part of a 24-hour early access event only. In the meantime, non-Vanguard owners will be able to head back into the action on Warzone as Rebirth Island will be back online from 9am PST as well.

When COD Warzone downtime end in your region:

  • America West — 9am PST, December 8th, 2021
  • America East — 12pm EST, December 8th, 2021
  • United Kingdom — 5pm GMT, December 8th, 2021
  • Central Europe — 6pm CET, December 8th, 2021
  • China — 1am CST, December 9th, 2021
  • Australia — 5am AEDT, December 9th, 2021

For more info on the launch of Warzone Pacific, check out our Caldera release date page.

Featured image from Call of Duty official Twitter.

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