CAMVATE Wooden Hand Grip with LANC Trigger – $20 Discount

CAMVATE Wooden Hand Grip with LANC Trigger - $20 Discount

Using a third-party grip instead of the one supplied by the camera manufacturer is often a treat that you won’t want to miss out on. This is especially true if you choose a wooden grip. Currently, CAMVATE has such a wooden handgrip on sale. Let’s take a closer look at the grip, which is also equipped with a LANC start/stop trigger.

I personally use a SHAPE Single Right Telescopic Wooden Handle Grip (see my Gear Guides Recommended Kit here) and it’s a great piece of gear, but to be honest, it’s pretty expensive. The CAMVATE Wooden Hand Grip has a few drawbacks, but it also has a great advantage. Let’s dive in.

CAMVATE Wooden Hand Grip
Image credit: CAMVATE

CAMVATE Wooden Hand Grip

The SHAPE arm/grip combo comes in right or left versions, and of course, it not only comes with the grip itself but also a telescoping arm that fits an ARRI rosette to quickly adjust it to your liking. That’s cool, but it also lacks the LANC start/stop trigger that the CAMVATE has. However, the CAMVATE Wooden Hand Grip is only available for the right hand and does not have an articulating arm.

CAMVATE Wooden Hand Grip
Image credit: CAMVATE

The trigger connects to the host camera via a 3.5mm jack and the list of compatible cameras goes as follows:

  • Blackmagic Design: URSA MINI / MPCC FDH / BMMC / BMPC / BMMCC 4K / BMMSC / BMMCC
  • Sony:  FS5 / FS7 / Z280 
  • ZCAM: E2C / E2M4 / E2F6 / E2S6

Other cameras which use the LANC protocol might be compatible as well. The unit itself is made out of solid Brazilwood and aluminum, it mounts onto a camera cage rig via its standard ARRI rosette male M6 thread screw that allows 360° rotation. 

Hand Grip
Image credit: CAMVATE

The net weight is 230.2g and the package consists of the handgrip itself, a coiled adapter cable, and an Allen wrench.

Pricing and availability

The CAMVATE Wooden Hand Grip costs $120, but if you buy it before Dec 25th, you can save $20 by entering this CineD coupon code at checkout: GFCNWT0N

For a hundred bucks, this wooden grip seems very decent, and personally, I would always prefer an ergonomic wooden grip over a traditional rubber grip.


What do you think? Do you use wooden hand grips? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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