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Canon has released its financial report for Q3 of 2021. All things considered, Canon will be pretty close to achieving projected sales numbers, with only a small drop to their sales projections due to the global chip shortage.

It also looks like we’ll see two more RF lenses announced in 2021 according to Canon’s presentation materials. There are currently 24 RF mount lenses including the RF 5.2mm f/2.8L Dual Lens Fisheye.


The camera market remained solid thanks to the strength of personal consumption, particularly in Europe and the United States, and the launch of new full-frame mirrorless cameras by each company stimulated the need for high-quality image expression. However, due to the global shortage of parts, the size of this year’s market is now projected to be 5.9 million units, 100 thousand units fewer than in our previous projection. Similarly, we expect our own unit sales to be 2.95 million units, 50 thousand units fewer than in our previous projection.

As for the third quarter, although one year has passed since the launch of the EOS R5 and EOS R6, they continue to be strong selling models. As for our enhanced lineup of lenses, we exceeded our unit sales plan thanks to their synergy with camera bodies.

We plan to increase our lens lineup to 26 within this year, including the RF 5.2 mm F2.8 L DUAL FISHEYE lens that we announced this month, our first lens designed specifically for capturing VR images. This lens, when mounted on an EOS R5, allows for the easy capture of 180 degree 3D VR images, and is attracting attention as a product that extends the user’s image expression to the area of VR.

In November, the EOS R3 will be added to our lineup. Going forward as well, we will effectively introduce new camera bodies and lenses, strengthening the competitiveness of our products and maintaining high profitability.

Canon Q3 2021 Financial Results

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