Cheapest Apple Watch Series 6 Black Friday deals

We’ve put together a huge list of all the best deals on the Apple Watch Series 6 for Black Friday 2021. Apple has been the leader in wearable tech for years, pouring a lot of attention to detail into each one of its devices, and making its biggest competitors play catchup. With each innovation, Apple has set a baseline for others to follow, and the Series 6 watch is no exception. Even with the Apple Watch Series 7 having been recently released, the Series 6 is still a great little device to get your hands on this November. 

Where to buy the Apple Watch Series 6 on Black Friday 2021

You will be able to get an Apple Watch Series 6 this Black Friday from most official Apple authorized distributors, as they will be wanting to clear out stock. One of the major reasons, outside of how well-designed it is, to grab an Apple Watch Series 6 this Black Friday is just how much it’s likely to be discounted. With the Series 7 effectively knocking it out of Apple’s product lineup, it’s been seeing discounts since October. Many sellers are trying to clear their stock to increase sales of the newer model, which means Black Friday deals are going to be insane. Not only will this thing be incredibly cheap, but it’s also still a powerful and elegant smartwatch that has enough features to keep you happy until you get the itch to upgrade. 

How much is an Apple Watch Series 6 on Black Friday 2021

We expect the Apple Watch Series 6 to cost around or under $450 this Black Friday as the newer Apple Watch Series 7 has since superseded it. If you’re hunting for an extreme deal on smartwatches, then consider Apple’s budget model as well, the Apple Watch SE. It comes in at a fraction of the price, but very much still acts and feels like an Apple Watch with all of the bells and whistles that entails. As with many similar watches, it features advanced sensors that can help you to track your health in a variety of different ways, from heart rate all the way to sleep quality. 

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