Classy Art Feeds Over 46,000 Children in The Last 9 Months


Wholesale wall art and décor supplier Classy Art recently announced in April of this year that in they fed over 46,000 children with food insecurities  at the close of the third quarter of this year.


In February of this year Classy Art announced a partnership with the Indianapolis-based Million Meal Movement in their effort to provide nutritious meal packages to food pantries. Classy Art committed to providing one meal to a hungry American child for every single unit of art sold retroactively beginning January 1st.


At the most recent Fall High Point Furniture Market, the creative team at Classy Art created a display to visually represent exactly how many meals that looks like by putting 46,000 fortune cookies in their window display. In an attempt to make the installation interactive, they had an enter-to-win box in which market attendees dropped a business card with their best guess of how many pieces were in the display.  The attendee that got the closest guess would win $500.  The winner was John Schaub with E-Freight Solutions in Ontario, Canada, and a Visa gift card is in the mail headed his way.


Gabriel Cohen, CEO and President of Classy Art said, “We’re just having fun and trying to make an impact.  I learned a while back that a business has a responsibility to more than creating jobs and profits.  One of my favorite quotes is from Henry Ford, and he said, ‘A company that makes nothing but money is a poor business.’ That quote has stuck with me for over a decade, and my only regret is that we didn’t think of this partnership sooner.  We are thrilled to be partnered with such fantastic organization like Million Meal Movement.”  


Shane Scarlett of Million Meal Movement told us, “Classy Art has been an invaluable partner as we continue to fight childhood hunger. Thanks to their generous support, over 46,000 meals will be provided to kids who need it most. Not only has Classy Art helped feed kids, but they’re also supporting a program that empowers kids to give back. Funding from sales of Classy Art products allowed over 250 youth volunteers to package meals – an experience they’ll remember forever. We couldn’t have this kind of impact on kids – both those that are hungry and those that hunger to give back – without this gift from Classy Art.” He added that, “Classy Art has challenged us by requiring that all of their donations are solely focused on children.  We are greatly appreciative of this, because it has forced us to find new methods of distribution and additional partners that will continue to help in our goal to end hunger. “


Anyone wishing to learn more about the Million Meal Movement and how they can get involved should go to the organization’s webpage at www.millionmealmovement.org to read their story and see the scope of Million Meal’s impact across their home state of Indiana.


About Classy Art

 Classy Art is a leader in the wall art/decor field catering specifically to furniture retailers across the country.  Their growth of 3,000% over the last 16 years is the result of products that have proven to sell faster at retail through their proprietary process of product research.  This higher rate of sale has increased customer retentions as well as new customer acquisition.  The company carries all subcategories of wall décor including framed prints, metal, clocks, canvas, tempered glass, and mirrors, and they pride themselves on single week lead times and guaranteed inventory. For more information visit www.ClassyArt.net.


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