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The new Call of Duty Warzone map launches today as the all-new Season of Vanguard x Warzone Pacific gets off to a thrilling start. So, with servers down ahead of the launch, just when can we play Warzone Pacific?

We know from the Call of Duty blog that the initial launch of Vanguard x Warzone Pacific: Season One will take place today, December 8th, 2021. This means that servers will be down as Activision prepares for the launch, and there may be other teething issues once the Season starts. Take a look at our Caldera release times article for the specific launch times in your region.

Call of duty warzone pacific Season One

Why are Call of Duty Warzone servers down?

The new Season of Call of Duty Warzone brings a complete change to Warzone as you know it. Verdansk is gone, and Caldera takes over as the new main Warzone map. As well as a new map, it’s a new Season, so there is also an entirely new Battle Pass featuring new Weapon Blueprints, Operatives, Skins and more. As such, it’s a pretty big update that Activision needs to roll out across the system, hence the planned downtime of 12 hours before its December 8th launch.

What is Call of Duty Vanguard x Warzone Pacific?

Caldera brings a new, tropical surrounding to the Warzone experience you know and love. Aside from some new Operators to get used to, Warzone gameplay will feel very similar to start with, so it’s still the game you know. However, you’ll have to get used to a whole new environment as you contend with sandy beaches, fragile beach huts and exotic flora. The full back story of how we came to be on Caldera island can be explored on the Call of Duty blog.

Warzone Pacific Vanguard release time

When can I play Warzone Pacific?

As soon as the downtime ends at 9am PST on December 8th, 2021, you can drop into Call of Duty Warzone. However, whether you own Vanguard or not will determine what map you can play on to start with, i.e. whether you can just straight into Warzone Pacific.

Rebirth Island will be available for everyone to play as soon as servers are back online on 9am PST/12pm EST/5pm GMT. Caldera, however, will only be available to owners of Vanguard for an early-access event for the first 24 hours.

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