Confirmed: Canon EOS R5c to be announced next month [CR3] | Canon Rumors

As a hybrid shooter who does photo & video within seconds of each other on wedding days, I’m not that impressed.

If you’re going to go vented and sacrifice weather sealing, then it needs at least some cinema features beyond timecode (which will never be used in a hybrid photo/video environment) such as internal NDs. The 1Dc was great because it could handle shooting in a downpour, but with this R5c I’ll have to worry about a tiny drizzle. I’d prefer a normal R5 with unlimited 1080p and non-HQ 4k recording (100% possible with firmware) over one vented that gives me unlimited HQ & raw.

I love that Canon is attempting to straddle the photo/video fence here, but my feeling is meh. It should honestly be priced at $3,900, as you’re trading weather sealing for some basic video features that competitors already offer in sealed bodies (unlimited record times up to 4k). Maybe the unlimited 8k and raw recording is appealing to enough people that the price can be pushed to $4500? It’s certainly a minority of professional videographers/cinematographers who’d make use of that. Though maybe I’m just shortsighted here. Unlimited 8k recording is pretty significant when I think about it. Maybe I take it all back haha. Damn I’m probably going to buy one.

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