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[Insert appropriate skater lingo here]

We’re just a few days away from EA Play Live 2021 and, presumably, the reveal of that not-so-secretive Dead Space reboot from EA Motive. Exciting as that is, it hasn’t officially been confirmed just yet. What has been confirmed, however, are some of the titles that won’t be appearing at the show. A new Star Wars game is out of the questionMass Effect and Dragon Age will be no-shows, and today, the team behind the upcoming Skate sequel confirmed it also won’t be at EA Play Live 2021.

So that’s four franchises down, but there is still so much more we can expect to see. Beyond Dead Space, I’m very interested in getting another look at Battlefield 2042 and Lost in Random. Plus, with the reception Knockout City has received, I wouldn’t put it past EA to include a look at some upcoming content for that as well.

EA Play Live 2021 will take place on July 22 with a pre-show starting a 10:00 am.

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