edelkrone Controller V2 Released – Longer Battery Life, Wired Connection, and Bigger Screen

edelkrone Controller V2 Released – Longer Battery Life, Wired Connection, and Bigger Screen

The new edelkrone Controller V2 is a pocket-sized device that allows users to wirelessly control all their edelkrone motorized systems. It inherits the legacy of its predecessor, while bringing three major improvements: a longer battery life, a fully wired connection mode, and an easier-to-read OLED screen. It is now available for purchase for $139. 

edelkrone has become a well-established company over the years by bringing motion control solutions to the market that come with an unusual, innovative design. Their popular SliderPLUS and JibONE series are just a few examples.

Back in 2020, the brand introduced a compact device to wirelessly control their motion control systems. This remote controller is now receiving a few major updates with the introduction of the new edelkrone Controller V2. So let’s take a look at what’s new.

edelkrone Controller V2: features

The edelkrone Controller V2 is a pocket-sized unit that can wirelessly control all edelkrone motorized systems. In a way, it can act as a replacement for the edelkrone mobile app when accessing the most fundamental settings.

The unit features a simple button layout and navigation pad that can control parameters such as speed, acceleration, slide, swing, pan, tilt, and even focus. Camera movements can be programmed using the controller or by manually adjusting the position of the camera. Furthermore, a Gesture Control Mode allows the motion control device to directly mimic the movement of the controller.

Image credit: edelkrone

The company claims this product has a maximum wireless range of 25m/82ft. However, this can be almost doubled by relying on the new fully wired connection mode, which can come in handy when operating in crowded wireless environments. Indeed, the Controller V2 can communicate with edelkrone devices via 3.5mm audio cables with a total cable length of 40m/131ft. Moreover, the unit can control multiple systems simultaneously using the edelkrone Link Hub

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Battery life

According to the company, this second-generation unit doubles the battery life of the original edelkrone Controller. Indeed, the remote draws power from two AA rechargeable batteries that should keep it running for about 10 hours. Alkaline and lithium batteries are also compatible, while the manufacturer advises against zinc-carbon ones. Moreover, the unit can operate for up to 23 hours when connecting the remote to an edelkrone motion control device.

Image credit: edelkrone

OLED screen and design

The edelkrone Controller V2 features a compact, rugged design that looks almost identical to that of the previous generation. The remote controller has an all-metal construction with CNC-machined aluminum and stainless steel parts.

Another major improvement over the old model is a larger screen which is now much more readable. Talking about user experience, the unit also comes with a handstrap for added safety and better grip during operation.

Image credit: edelkrone

Price and availability

The new edelkrone Controller V2 is now available for pre-order from B&H. Its official retail price is $139. While the handstrap is included in the kit, AA batteries and 3.5mm cables must be purchased separately.

For more information, please visit edelkrone’s website here.

Do you own any edelkrone motion control system? What do you think of the new edelkrone Controller V2? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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