Edelkrone’s re-engineered FlexTILT v3 tripod head comes with a new $99 price tag

Edelkrone has launched the newest v3 iteration of its FlexTILT tripod head, the FlexTILT v3. I say tripod head, but it’s not limited to a tripod. You can stick it on a slider, a motion control head or even just set it straight down on a surface. The new version replaces the FlexTILT 2, released in 2016 – and made 3D Printable in 2019.

As a result of the apparent popularity of the FlexTILT v2, Edelkrone says the new v3 offers all the same features of the previous version but has been re-engineered to reduce the cost by quite a significant amount. They say it also offers more versatility for mounting the camera for vertical shots.

The FlexTILT v3 uses Edelkrone’s “Constant Friction Technology” to make sure that your camera stays exactly where you position it without having to be loosened and retightened each time. There is a weight limit on it, though, of 2.5kg – so if you’re using it for video, you might be somewhat limited in the rigs you can use.

One of the benefits of the FlexTILT v3 is that it can be used completely without a tripod, too, simply as its own camera stand sitting on whatever flat surface you wish to use. And if you are on a tripod, it has a built-in panning feature, with markings to let you create nice smooth and seamless pans. As well as a tripod, you can put this thing on a slider or a motion control panning head, like the Edelkrone HeadONE.

As well as new engineering, the FlexTILT v3 comes with a new low price of only $99. This is a significant drop over the $150 cost of the FlexTILT 2 (which can now be had for $75). The Edelkrone FlexTILT v3 is available to buy now for $99 and is already shipping.

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