Escape from Tarkov Error on POST Bad Gateway is preventing players from playing 12.12

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The new Escape from Tarkov wipe is out now, with many players jumping into the game. At least, many are trying to jump into the game anyway. It appears that an Escape from Tarkov launcher error is out in force, preventing players from logging in. Most players are getting the Escape from Tarkov POST bad gateway error or the Escape from Tarkov GET bad gateway error codes.

It seems that these two error codes have been fairly common over the last few years, which affects players whenever they update. Normally it coincides with a fresh wipe, along with a new hype patch coming out. So much so it causes the launcher to struggle under stress, causing these errors that many, including us, are experiencing.

Escape from Tarkov error on post

If you experience this issue whenever there is a new wipe or patch, then chances are there is nothing you can do about it. Every time there is a wipe and a fresh new patch launch, it seems to happen. It appears it’s a matter of waiting it out until the game lets you patch and update.

From what we can tell, the backend of the Battlestate website is also struggling to update properly. A few hours ago, we tried getting our hands on a client, marked as 12.11.0. Now that we have tried reinstalling our launcher, Battlestate’s website makes you download a 12.11.1 client instead. However, the EFT launcher doesn’t seem to want to update to 12.12, so you can’t skip the error using that method. 

We came, we saw, we failed.

So, if you are encountering the Escape from Tarkov error on POST, or the Escape from Tarkov bad gateway, then it’s a matter of waiting. For those unaware of traditional error code meanings, the Escape from Tarkov bad gateway error references the standard bad gateway error codes. All it means is your launcher is trying to connect to the download servers, but there is no gateway available, hence why it won’t download.

The only thing you can try is manually changing the download server. In theory, the automatic one should find a decent download server, but it is pulling the EFT bad gateway error. You may get lucky with a download server of your choice, but it’s no guarantee that it works.

If you want a place to track a working solution, we recommend keeping a closer eye on the current 12.12 mega-thread on Reddit. Many are trying a variety of ways to get past their Escape from Tarkov error on POST issue. Moreso, the developers have confirmed on Twitter they are aware of the login and connection issues, and working on addressing their servers as we speak.