EwinRacing Flash XL Series gaming chair review – big in all the right places


The Flash XL is unsurprisingly marketed towards the larger individual and the comfort reflects this, with pretty firm padding and the widest seat base we’ve seen in a gaming chair. The firmness of the padding continues from the base to the back and is supportive without being too plush. One thing is certain – it’s a behemoth of a chair, but it’s actually pretty comfortable too.

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A nice side effect of the super-wide seat base is that if you have a penchant for sitting cross-legged or with one leg folded up underneath the other, you’ve got a broad platform to do it on. This is a pretty common seating preference and the almost totally flat base is far more receptive to this position than other chairs with curved bases.

If you’re of average height or anywhere below around 6ft 3in you will feel distinctly undersized in this chair, which is actually quite nice as it allows more room for different seating positions. We’ve seen far, far worse in terms of comfort than the Flash XL.

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The materials used are pretty standard. The faux leather that covers the contact surfaces of the chair is fairly soft and seems to be quite hard-wearing. The lumbar support cushion and neck pillow are bound in the same material and are pleasant enough to the touch, though the foam inside the cushions is very basic. Considering the $500 price point we’d have liked to see some implementation of memory foam here.

The other materials such as the ones that make up the plastic covering of the fastenings and the various elastics and clips that hold the cushions onto the chair feel bog standard. They’re functional enough but nothing special.

The chair we were given for review is all black and has a pretty professional look to it. If you remove the pillows it wouldn’t look out of place in a corporate office setting. It is worth mentioning that the Flash XL is available in various styles with a large number of colorways to choose from, including a fancy-looking gold option and some aggressive oranges, reds, and blues. Some of the variants are actually cheaper, dipping to around $470 in price. However, the other colorways do not feature the same wide and flat seat base that we love.

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