Fangs Film Gear DividerBags Released – Keep Your Tools Organized on Set

Fangs Film Gear DividerBags Released – Keep Your Tools Organized on Set

The new DividerBags by Fangs Film Gear are accessory pouches that can help you keep things neat and organized on set. Ideal for camera operators and 1st ACs, these bags come with two zipped pockets, a carabiner, and an intuitive red/green color coding scheme. They are now available for purchase for $99.

Working fast and efficiently on set requires solid methods and a good amount of organization, else tools, media, batteries, and other small-sized accessories can easily get lost in the rush of a movie set.

An up-coming American brand, Fangs Film Gear, recently released their own solution to help you keep track of small accessories on set: the DividerBags. Let’s take a closer look at this new product.

Fangs Film Gear DividerBags. Source: Fangs Film Tools

Fangs Film Gear DividerBags: universal color coding

The new DividerBags are compact pouches suitable to store media cards, batteries, and all those small pieces of hardware that can easily disappear on set.

The DividerBags come in three different sizes:

  • Small – 6.5×5.5”
  • Medium – 8.25×6.75”
  • Large – 8.5×8.75”

Every DividerBag features two zipped pockets, one on each side. The two sides of the pouch have different colors. The green side is meant to store ready-to-use media and charged batteries, while the red one should host full cards and drained-out cells.

Source: Fangs Film Tools

This straightforward color-coding scheme can come in-handy to prevent mistakes and improve efficiency on the field. Moreover, the company follows an inclusive approach, by providing custom CVD-friendly options for users who have difficulties distinguishing between red and green colors.

Fangs Film Gear DividerBags. Source: Fangs Film Tools

Clip it anywhere

From gaff tape rolls to cup holders, 1st ACs and industry-working professionals usually hang all sorts of things to their C-stands, tripods, and all over the set. If you’re one of those people, then this product won’t leave you disappointed.

In fact, these pouches feature a tough construction that includes a heavy-duty grommet and carabiner. In this way, you will be able to clip these bags everywhere you like, from tripods to belts and chest rigs. Furthermore, this design allows keeping all your DividerBags together.

Fangs Film Gear DividerBags on C-Stand. Source: Fangs Film Tools

Price and availability

The DividerBags come in a pack of 3, including a small, a medium, and a large pouch. The official retail price for this pack is $99. You can place an order now from the company’s website.

Fangs Film Gear also offers a lifetime guarantee on their products as well as a free replacement in case of damage during normal use. Moreover, shipping is free for orders placed inside the USA.

What do you think about the new accessory bags? How do you usually keep things neat and organized on set? Share your experience in the comments below!

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