Filmstro WebApp Review – Adaptive Soundtrack Creation Now Browser-Based

FilmstroPro V4 is a browser-based version of the company’s adaptive soundtrack creation software. The new Filmstro WebApp now allows filmmakers and content creators to pick up and customize their favorite royalty-free music tracks online without the need for a desktop app. Let’s take a closer look.

First launched in 2016, Filmstro brought a breath of fresh air into the world of royalty-free music. The intuitive approach of their desktop app allows filmmakers to create music tracks that are tailor-made to their visuals and not vice versa. It’s literally as simple as dragging 3 sliders that act on the Momentum, Depth, and Power of the track. You can watch a video demonstration by my colleague Nino here.

Several improvements have made Filmstro a better service over the years and now, with the release of FilmstroPro V4, the company is ready to turn its standalone desktop app into a browser-based service.

FilmstroPro V4: now with Filmstro WebApp

FilmstroPro V4 is the fourth generation of the company’s audio adaptive technology. According to founder Sebastian Jaeger, the idea of a browser-based solution has always been there since the early days of Filmstro. However, technology was not as far along as it is now.

Image credit: Filmstro

Now, after an intense developing period of 9 months, FilmstroPro V4 is here. Or rather, it’s in the cloud and it will be accessible anywhere via the Filmstro WebApp. This new version inherits the same intuitive approach as the desktop app, but it doesn’t require powerful hardware to work.

Image credit: Filmstro

In fact, all you have to do is select your video within the Filmstro WebApp. Then you can browse through hundreds of available rights-cleared tracks, pick up the one that best suits your project, and make your desired changes using the 3 slider controls. Lastly, you can render out the final result and download it as a .wav file. Your project will be safely stored in your Filmstro web account in case you need to edit it again.

Redesigned with new features

Along with the introduction of the Filmstro WebApp, FilmstroPro V4 also brings new features to this already-capable music editing app. One of the most helpful novelties, especially for new users, is the addition of templates.

Image credit: Filmstro

After picking up a track, you can choose to make changes fully manually or apply one among the Hero, Action, or Suspense presets. Each of these templates automatically adds keyframes and adjusts the Momentum, Depth, and Power sliders differently to show you how to achieve various results.

Another time-saving tool is the new Audition feature which allows you to preview any change to the 3 slider controls without actually applying it to the track. When the Audition switch is turned on, the timeline is also greyed out to prevent accidental changes to the music.

Image credit: Filmstro

Last but not least, users can now apply changes to entire music blocks, thus making a whole portion of the track sound quieter or more powerful, according to your creative intention. When working on a “block”, the Snap feature can be enabled to turn each continuous slider into a 3-stage control. You can then apply transitions to each block and fine-tune them to create a smoother passage.

Image credit: Filmstro

Price and availability

The new FilmstroPro V4 with WebApp is now available on the company’s website. One of the coolest things about Filmstro is their lifetime subscription. Indeed, with an investment of only $189 you gain access to their service forever. This offer is currently available, but will most likely run out in the next couple of months. As far as we are concerned, it would make sense for Filmstro to turn into a monthly-paid service after that.

Finally, if you already have an existing lifetime subscription, you will receive access to FilmstroPro V4 and the Filmstro WebApp for free, while still retaining the ability to use your desktop app indefinitely.

Have you been using Filmstro already? How do like its features? What advantages will you take from this new browser-based version? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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