Five simple but effective camera moves you can make with a power drill

A power drill isn’t usually on the list when it comes to packing our camera bags to head out on a shoot, but as this video from Luke Edwin shows, a power drill can be an extremely versatile filmmaking tool! Ok, so, maybe “filmmaking tool” is a bit of an exaggeration, especially if you’re using a heavy camera like a tricked-out mirrorless rig in a cage. But they can let you get some pretty unique shots.

Luke shows off five different shots that were created with the assistance of a power tool and some DIY rigs. Some are designed for smaller cameras like action cameras, 360 cameras or specifically the teeny tiny Insta360 GO 2 (review here), but a couple of these tricks can be used with larger camera systems, too!

Sure, there are other ways to get some of these shots, and we’ve probably featured some of those ways here on DIYP before, but they often involve buying some pretty expensive equipment. Here, all of the techniques shown use a power tool that you probably already own – or can maybe “borrow” from a neighbour – and they’re pretty simple to set up and pull off.

I’m definitely going to have to give that last one a try at some point. Will be very handy for locations where you want to shoot a big long tracking shot where you aren’t allowed to fly a drone!

Have you tried any of these techniques? Will you?

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