Flashpoint, a house brand of Adorama, has announced the release of a cleverly collapsable octabank, the Glow ParaSnap. This new modifier features a unique folding design and offers quick speedring changes for easy changes on the go.

The stand-out feature of the Glow ParaSnap SoftBox is a clever snap-into-place design that makes it as simple as possible to get the modifier built and onto your light source as quickly as possible. The modifier comes pre-built and to get started – both the first time and every time after – all you need to do is pull back one half of the modifier and snap it into place on the speedring side, as demonstrated in the clip below:

The ParaSnap SoftBox also features a quick-swap speedring adapter. To use this, use the other half of the speedring mount to flip open the mechanism and slide the light mount of your choice into the back of the modifier.

The inside of the modifier uses Glow’s SterlingFibre silver lining material with a hexagonal waffled design that the company says ‘captures light from all angles.’ It comes with two baffles: one internal that snaps into place with buttons and one front baffle that uses a hook-and-loop (Velcro) material for attachment.

The Glow ParaSnap SoftBox is available in 36” and 44” sizes for $229 and $249, respectively, exclusively through Adorama.

Images: Captured by Gannon Burgett using a review unit, provided by Flashpoint.