Frame.io Camera to Cloud Updates – Integrating more Devices and Apps

Frame.io Camera to Cloud Updates – Integrating more Devices and Apps

The Frame.io Camera To Cloud platform is alive and growing with new support for Aaton Cantar X3 sound recorders, and integrations with filmmaking apps including Pomfort Livegrade with Shothub, ZoeLog, and Magic ViewFinder. This major update expands the Frame.io Camera to Cloud ecosystem into pre-production, production, and post.

Frame.io, a recently acquired Adobe company, is the world’s leading video collaboration platform with over 1.6 million users. Since the launch in March over 1,300 productions are using the service with over 150,000 assets stored in Frame.io.

Frame.io Camera to Cloud

Camera To Cloud is a bold project that aims to bring the workflows of productions into a new age. Interconnecting production tools to eliminate the gap between shooting and editing, and offering unprecedented advancements in collaboration.

Image credit: Frame.io

Currently, Frame.io accomplishes this by connecting and posting proxy files on Frame.io’s servers the moment the camera stops rolling. However, their vision for C2C includes the elimination of in-camera media. The aim is to eventually work with companies to produce devices that post full-resolution footage directly to the cloud.

Frame.io C2C works with supported cameras from RED, ARRI, Panavision, and Sony, and sound mixers from Sound Devices and (now) Aaton. This latest update adds new methods to authenticate C2C from any web-connected device, including Android phones. This should open up C2C to a world of new mobile applications.

Image credit: Frame.io

By removing the barriers of traditionally linear workflows, we enable teams to work in parallel, resulting in better collaboration, more time for creativity, and higher quality output.

Michael Cioni, Senior Director, Global Innovation at Adobe

Pricing and availability

C2C features are included at no additional cost for customers with a paid Frame.io account. New Aaton, ZoeLog, and Magic ViewFinder integrations are available today. Integration with Pomfort Livegrade and ShotHub will be available in early 2022.

We at CineD are excited to see new, innovative ideas taking hold in our industry. As a remote editor myself, I am especially looking forward to seeing the start gap closing between production and post.

For more information, visit Frame.io’s website.

How do you feel about Frame.io Camera To Cloud? Are you excited to start editing the moment the camera stops rolling? Let us know in the comments below.  

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