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Smart tech has invaded into every one of our rooms and now you can get the Samsung refrigerator on sale in their early Black Friday 2021 deals. Yes, you can now have a smart fridge. What’s better is that you can now play Skyrim on it. With being 10 years old and still more releases of it of course they have it on any smart tech they can. Fridges are no exception so be sure to enjoy that in your kitchen. Or you can use it for what it is made for with the Family hub screen lets you stay connected to your appliances and share pictures stream music and all sorts to make your kitchen more fun and even more enjoyable.

Save $800 on a Samsung refrigerator in their early Black Friday 2021 sale

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Samsung 26.5 cu. 3-Door French Door Refrigerator

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Save $800

The savings are great on this Samsung refrigerator in its early Black Friday 2021 sale. The fridge is a large 3-door french style fridge with the two top doors opening up for a spacious fridge. The fridge has a capacity of 26 cubic feet with two veg drawers as well as a smaller draw for deli items and platters. And with two drawers you get the comfort of standing up beverages in them with easy access. Then the third door features two deep drawers for your frozen goods, that are designed to not freeze up and cause blockages with ice. You won’t even have to worry about storing ice as the left door features both ice and a water dispenser. The filtered water is provided from your pipes but with a good filter to make sure it still tastes good. As well as an ice maker that you can enjoy the pleasure of ice cubes as well as shredded ice if you’d prefer.

Of course, there is also the Family Hub screen on the other door for your enjoyment and pleasure. It allows you to enjoy some more pleasures in the kitchen with being able to some entertainment while you work on other things in there. The Hub allows you to control all your other smart devices to provide your ecosystem with some control from one place. As well as being able to stream some music to lighten up the place, and also share pictures with your family from one place. Letting you have great control and planning right there you need it to be.

Lastly, you can of course play games on the thing. It started off with Bethesda jokingly announcing being able to play Skyrim on Alexa, Fridges, and all sorts. But then actually let you play on an Alexa so we won’t be surprised if the fridge version comes soon. However, now with xCloud you can stream to mobile devices which can work with Tizen running on the smart fridge. So now you can play all those games from the comfort of your kitchen.

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