Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut and Iki Island Expansion Announced for PS5, PS4

Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut has been announced for both PS4 and PS5. This updated version will include PS5-specific enhancements, plus a new Iki Siland expansion. The director’s cut will come to both consoles on August 20.

As the name implies, Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut will include the original game, every bit of additional content Sucker Punch Production released, plus a new island to explore as part of the Iki Island expansion. Check out the trailer below.

Iki Island is a neighboring island to Tsushima and it will add a new chapter to Jin’s adventure. Alongside the new island to explore there will be a new storyline to follow, though details are being kept a secret. Expect new environments, new armor, new techniques, and more when you visit Iki Island.

On the PS5 front, new players will find that the PS5 version will have lip sync for both English and Japanese voice over. Plus, the PS5 version will have haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, 3D audio, drastically improved load times, different 4K resolution options (presumably a performance and visual mode), and targeted 60 fps. Your save file from the PS4 version will also transfer over to PS5.

There will be an upgrade path for people who already own the original version of Ghost of Tsushima. On PS4 players will be able to pre-order an upgrade to the Director’s Cut for $19.99. For PS4 players who end up owning the director’s cut and want to upgrade to the PS5, they can do so by paying $9.99.

And for someone with the original PS4 copy looking to upgrade to the Director’s Cut on PS5, it will cost $29.99


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