Halo Infinite Offensive Bias: Discussing the ending of Halo Infinite

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Hello everyone, today we at WePC are going through the Halo Infinite campaign ending, and what happened. If you’ve accidentally clicked on this article, we are giving a big old spoiler warning as this is going to talk about the ending of Halo Infinite and what it means for the future of the game’s narrative.

Still here? Good! So, that was quite the ending to Halo Infinite campaign. It turns out Atriox isn’t dead, and what is this about the new Halo Infinite Offensive Bias AI plot? There’s certainly a lot to unpack, and that makes it interesting. There’s clearly a lot more that can come from the Halo Infinite storyline.

Halo Infinite Campaign ending explained

Halo Infinite Atriox
Image via 343 Studios.

Towards the end of the game, you’ll find that Echo 216, aka the Pelican Pilot, has been captured. Turns out we left him alone for too long after mentioning how unhappy he was about being left alone for so long – go figure. Turns out the one responsible for his capture is the Blademaster, Jega ‘Rdomnai. Jega was told to track Chief from a distance by Escharum during the early stages of the campaign’s prologue.

Turns out, as you get closer to the end of the game, you have to fight the blade master to free your friend. You win, and then it’s time to take the fight to the Harbinger. If you have found some of the UNSC audio logs, then you’ll have heard stories of the Escherum speaking to the Harbinger. Flashbacks to the UNSC log at the drill site, when Escherum said “good” when the Harbinger said she would unmake everything.

Now, this is where the story gets interesting. It turns out the Harbinger plays a crucial part in the galactic forces within the Halo universe. You eventually fight the Harbinger, along with Escherum, not long after you rescue the pilot from the Blademaster. Throughout the fight, the Weapon is actively turning off the Harbinger’s shields, preventing her from portaling in even more Banished reinforcements, as well as awakening the rest of the Endless forces.

Who are the Endless, you may ask? Well, the Endless is a whole new faction in the universe of Halo. They seem to be a slumbering faction, which we can somewhat confirm through the activities before we knew what the Endless was. It takes a giant drill and shattering a Halo ring to find them. Not to mention that the Halo rings are weapons, designed by the Forerunners to annihilate the Flood. It could indicate that the Halo rings are also prisons designed to keep the Endless at bay.

Moreso, Atriox is alive. Through the campaign, Atriox was presumed dead after the opening scene, with Escherum wanting to fulfil Atriox’s vision for the Banished. It seems like there’s more at play with this character, and he seems to be the big, scheming super villain for the next campaign expansions or future Halo standalone games. There’s also a mention of new AIs and more. It seems like the plot expansion of the story is very vague. We reckon 343’s narrative writers have done that deliberately, as there is some intergalactic hyper war going on, with more factions coming into play.

Halo Infinite Offensive Bias: What is its connection to Infinite?

The Harbinger Halo Infinite
Image via 343 Studios.

For the lore heads out there, it appears that the Offensive Bias is back in play. The Offensive Bias is an AI the Forerunners made to help contain the Flood when they expanded beyond the Forerunner’s desired limit. It also seems to be something Cortana knew about from the Flood-Forerunner wars. This explains why she somewhat turned into a baddy during Halo 5. However, these new echoes provide a new look into her character, giving her logic and understanding of why she did what she did.

Cortana has been a rather interesting character throughout the Halo Infinite campaign. We get to see them throughout the beginning, middle and end of the game, which eventually leads the Chief to discovering her final goodbye, written before her code was destroyed. These snippets of info reveal tiny elements of Cortana’s dissension into what appears to be her madness, how she managed to survive, and how what she did is an understandable evil, but it was a mistake nonetheless. This is especially so during the final moments of the game, where Cortana and Atriox talk about the consequences of her actions, and how she has decisions to make.

In addition, it confirms Cortana knew about Atriox’s plans and the solutions that could undermine Atriox’s Banished and Fallen allegiance before she was terminated for going rogue by Chief before he suffered amnesia in the game’s prologue. It likely means Cortana knew about Halo Infinite’s Offensive Bias reference and how it fights other AI, which seems to be a hidden connection between the Infinite and Guardians plotline.

Lastly, we know that the Weapon is the new AI companion that we will build a relationship with for the rest of the Halo storyline. The Weapon will likely be the means we learn more about the Offensive Bias, along with the new factions as she delves into Banished tech and other Halo rings or Zeta’s potential upcoming content.

Halo Infinite 2?

All we know for certain is that the Offensive and Bias and the weapon seem to be on the same team and that Master Chief and Atriox are going to have a run-in at some point. Moreso, we know there’s a few coming forces sitting on the sidelines, such as the Covenant, Flood, and now the Fallen. The Banishes still have an active tribunal of mad heads, so they won’t be going away anytime soon. And lastly, where the hell is Locke and the Arbiter? We know the Arbiter played a supportive role in Halo 5 Guardians, and Locke seems to be the replacement for Chief, at least that’s how it seemed to be heading.

Overall, the story can take a direction, and it seems like this Offensive Bias and the Fallen are going to take a key role in the stories to come.

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