Halo Infinite Spartan Griffin: Here is his lore and Gameplay profile

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Halo Infinite’s campaign is out now, and many players are wondering what is going on with the other named Spartans on Zeta Halo. One of those is a new character, Spartan Griffin. Halo Infinite’s Spartan Griffin is one of the interesting characters on Halo Zeta, as he is essentially the most important character outside of Master Chief, at least until he turned up on Zeta anyway.

Who is Halo Infinite’ Spartan Griffin?

Spartan Griffin is one of the new Spartans that made it from the Halo 5 Guardians Spartan program. He went through Halsey’s programme, advancing into one of the second waves of Spartans, adding to the UNSC’s Spartan count since the days of Reach’s destruction.

At the start of the Halo Infinite campaign, the Banished arrived on the Zeta Halo, bringing death and destruction. The UNSC got battered on the planet, and it caused the UNSC to lose ground. Then, when you actually start a save, you see Master Chief get battered, left floating around for a while. After some amnesia from the battle, Master Chief figures out what is going on and becomes the main spartan on Zeta. If you’re wondering why characters like Griffin had to take up an off-screen lead, it’s because Chief seems to have been out a month. You can see this information unfold after the Weapon tells you about a dead, female Spartan on the Foundation level, who was dead for at least one month.

At the start of the game, the UNSC audio logs talk about how the Halo Zeta ring was overcome by banished forces, and how the UNSC was trying to survive and fight back. One of those characters critical to the UNSC resistance is Spartan Griffin. One of the audio logs in question mentions Griffin was doing reconnaissance on the new Drill Site, which the Banished is using to breach the ring’s surface. It eventually leads to his capture, which becomes a game mission for Chief to beat.

Moreso, you get the Radar gadget from his spartan armor when you make your way through the Tower Mission. As you approach the Tower, it turns out the Elite general took Griffin, prisoner, which is why you get his recon gadget. You eventually find the torturer, the role of the Elite general, who is keeping him alive to extact information on the UNSC whereabouts on Zeta, culminating in a boss battle.

Overall, that is the gist of Halo Infinite’s Spartan Griffin’s lore. What do you think of the character? Let us know in the comments below.

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