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If you are working from home you undoubtedly will need desk space. Selecting the right desk, then fine tuning the layout is very important to sustained, long term success.

Choosing a Desk

The first step will be selecting the right desk. There are what seems like an unlimited number of options.

  • Consider getting a sit stand desk. This will allow you to work while stretching your legs a bit for short bursts. Many studies have shown that this can have positive effects on both physical and mental health.
  • Put as big of a desk as you can in your space. Having a large desk will allow you to grow into the space as you see fit. It also will help you feel and be less cluttered. You may only need one monitor now, but what if you want to add another in the future, or you have a co worker/client over for a meeting.
  • Pick a quality desktop material that will last. Many peoples first instinct is to go with the cheapest desk or desktop they can find. Picking thicker more durable material both eliminates vibrations, and lengthens the time you will be able to keep your desk.

Positioning your Desktop Items

Getting your gear in the right position is probably more important than you think.

  • The recommended height for a proper desk sitting position is 29 inches. A properly positioned monitor should sit at eye level on top of your desk. Looking up or down can result in slouching and neck fatigue over time.
  • Consider mounting your monitor to the wall if you are not using a sit/stand desk. This will free up additional desk space while giving your office a very modern look.
  • Try and keep the items you use most within reach. Make sure you can quickly access your webcam, usb hubs, printers, or chargers without much hassle
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