How long is Tomb Raider (2013) Game of the Year?

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Tomb Raider Game of the Year is the all-in version of the reboot of the popular gaming franchise Tomb Raider. It brought an open-world style game, enhanced visuals, and great functionality to an already popular series. Cover the years, many players have found the game to be a great experience, and the game still gets picked up this day through sales on consoles and PC.

However, there’s a new wave of Tomb Raider hype. At the time of writing, many PC Gamers have picked up the Tomb Raider Definitive Edition for free, courtesy of Epic Games Store giving away the Tomb Raider Game of the Year for free as part of its Chrismas cheer promotion.

Many players have now got their hands on the game and are looking to get involved with the experience. However, one of the questions players are asking is ‘How long is Tomb Raider GOTY’, along with how long the other games are since Epic is giving away the reboot trilogy.

How long is Tomb Raider (2013) GOTY?

The theme for most of the Tomb Raider games in the recent reboot is the game is roughly 10-12 hours long. This is how long Tomb Raider 2013 takes to complete for the basic story. The timing for the game can be much shorter or longer, though, depending on if you decide to play it on easy or the medium or harder difficulties.

If you’re someone who likes getting gamerscore, unlocking achievements, or heading for the completionist, it will take longer. It may take even longer if you choose to not look online for youtube videos or written guides on finding collectables or beating the hardest content. Those who opt for these routes will find the game has at least another ten hours of playtime to 100% the game.

The last part of the how long is Tomb Raider 2013 formula is the DLC. There have been many DLCs launched for Tomb Raider 2013 since its launch. Most players will likely find themselves owning the Tomb Raider GOTY edition due to how cheap it gets on sale. The GOTY edition largely features multiplayer character and map content, but there is a single-player map called Tomb of the Lost Adventurer, which will increase your playtime by an extra hour or two. There’s also the Adventurer Pack, which adds new weapons and single-player cosmetics, which may increase your total playtime depending on how you feel about it.

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