How to unlock Fortnite vaults in Solos

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With The Seven’s bunkers appearing all over the new Fortnite map in Chapter 3, Season 1, there’s loads of loot to collect from their hidden vaults. But you can’t open them alone, so just how do you unlock the Fortnite vaults in Solo mode?

What are Fortnite vaults?

Vaults in Fortnite are special areas containing chests of higher rarity loot. They were first introduced in Chapter 2, Season 2, during which time you needed to unlock them with key cards obtained by defeating NPCs in battle. Now, there’s a different technique to opening them, which is pretty simple in Duos, Trios or Squads… You just need more than one person present. In other words, simply head to the vault door with a friend, and when the lock detects more than one person, the vault door will open.

Once you get into the vault, you’ll find multiple chests all containing Rare weapons or better and plenty of healing items, such as First Aid Kids or Med Mists. If you could get into these vaults in solo mode, well, it’d all be yours for the taking.

So how do you open vaults in Solo mode?

How to open a vault with a chicken Fortnite

You need another person with you, right? Or can it just be another living creature? Yep, turns out there’s actually a secret, bonus use for chickens in Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 1. When you carry a chicken around with you in Fortnite, not only do you get immunity from fall damage as you lightly drift towards the ground, but you can also trick a vault lock into thinking there’s two people in front of it. Simply carry a chicken to the vault door, stand in front of the lock while still holding the chicken, and – hey, presto! – the lock will open.

Fortnite Vault locations in Chapter 3, Season 1

vault locations fortnite

The above map shows you where the vaults are in Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 1. Keep an ear out when you’re there for the unmistakable twinkling sound of nearby chests and you should be able to find the vault in no time.

Just make sure you’re careful as you head to the vault’s location with the chicken. They can be pretty noisy and can alert opponents to your position, and when you pull out your gun, you’ll drop your new feathery pal, having to chase it round all over again. If you survive. We’ve got a separate guide on how to find, catch and fly with Fortnite chickens, so check it out if you’re not sure. And enjoy your excellent loot and upper hand in your next Fortnite match.

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