“In the Spotlight” – Do You Have a Film Shot on a FUJIFILM Camera? Share It With Us!

"In the Spotlight" – Do You Have a Film Shot on a FUJIFILM Camera? Share It With Us!

After a very successful contest (for those of you asking, the winners will be announced by the end of July, judging is on its way!), our cooperation with FUJIFILM continues. This time, we encourage you guys to share with us the work that you did with your FUJIFILM camera. 

CineD is always searching for a way to connect creators and manufacturers – and of course, to help filmmakers show their work. So, we are excited to announce that we teamed up with FUJIFILM to expose work done with FUJIFILM cameras and share it with our filming community.

That being said, we can ONLY feature selected films. All you need to do is send us a link to a work you recently completed with your beloved FUJIFILM camera and we will take a closer look at your submission. 

What genre should I choose?

All goes, and everything works. We are happy to expose your creative work as long as it does not disrespect others. Oh, and just to hopefully inspire you a bit: if I was to be sending one of my works myself, done with a FUJIFILM camera, I would have probably chosen the one below!

What do I have to do?

Simple. Just send us a link to your video using our contact form, or by sending us an e-mail directly to [email protected]. We will watch it and after careful consideration, we will decide if to share it with the community, and in this case, we will send you a list of interview questions and ask you to kindly send us the answers back to us, together with a few high-resolution images of you working together with your FUJIFILM camera. Your answers will help everyone to get to know you and your work better. 

To get an idea of what the article will look like when published, you can see our recent article on Leah Judson here.

What else? 

Based on our experience, we know that the number of submissions will be high so we kindly ask you guys to be patient with us as it takes time to view all your videos, decide on who will be presented, and construct the article that will go alongside the submission.

Angelbird, a leading manufacturer for camera specific media for creative productions stepped in and is happy to give one AV PRO SDXC 128GB V90 SD card or, AV PRO CFexpress SE 512GB card (depending on the camera you use), to any creator that will be chosen and featured by us in our “In the Spotlight with FUJIFILM” initiative.

Final note

“In the Spotlight” is a sponsored initiative by FUJIFILM.

CineD reserves the right to make the decision on which work to highlight and whom to feature. We wish all of you participating good luck!

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