John Lewis Cyber Monday 2021 Deal

John Lewis is one of the UK’s most-popular high-end department stores. They offer a huge variety of goods, from video games and clothing, to gift items, there’s almost nothing you can’t buy from John Lewis.

Of course, because it’s a high-end store, you’ll also have to pay quite high prices to get anything. That doesn’t mean that John Lewis fails to offer some great deals from time to time. This Cyber Monday, you can check out this great collection of deals from John Lewis that we’ve put together just for you.

What products will John Lewis discount on Cyber Monday?

Due to being a department store, there are several big sales events across the various different departments. The two departments that tend to see a lot of reductions are homeware and clothing, mostly because they’re the two biggest departments.

In particular, homeware seems to see big discounts on fancy gadgetry, like last year’s discount on one of those next-level smart coolers. In terms of clothing, it tends to be John Lewis‘s own-brand designs that get the best discounts, but there may be an occasional discount on some other designer brands that the store also carries, such as last year’s Ted Baker jacket discount.

How much will John Lewis be Discounting products on Cyber Monday 2021?

As we stated before, the biggest discounts should be on homeware as it’s one of the store’s biggest departments. Last year, big homeware goods like the aforementioned smart cooler were down by over £80, so similar items should see similar reductions once against this year.

Other big reductions included a huge circular mirror, down by £100, and a Shark vacuum cleaner reduced by the same amount. In terms of clothing, reductions are a little smaller. John Lewis’s own-brand clothing saw general reductions in the range of £20-40 depending on the starting price.

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