Laowa launches $300 10mm f/4 Cookie lens for APSC cameras

Laowa has announced a new addition to its family of lenses: the 10mm f/4 Cookie. Designed for APS-C cameras, this pancake lens is as thin as a pancake, or a cookie, as the name suggests. According to Laowa, it’s one of the world’s widest rectilinear pancake lenses for APS-C. And with the price of $300, it’s also pretty affordable compared to other 10mm lenses in the market.

The lens is only 25mm (0.98”) long and weighs 130g (0.29lbs). Just like a real cookie, it can literally fit in your pocket. But unlike a real cookie, it won’t crumble. While most wide-angle pancake lenses are either fisheye or pinhole, the new Laowa Cookie Lens is rectilinear, meaning that the distortion is minimal.

Laowa 10mm f/4 Cookie is aimed at street, urban, and landscape photographers, or you can simply use it for everyday shots. Since its minimum focusing distance is 10cm, you can get super close to your subjects and create interesting wide-angle macro-like shots. Depending on your camera, you get around 14 or 15mm equivalent focal length. The lens comes in black and silver versions, and you can choose between five different mounts: Canon RF, Nikon Z, Sony E, Fuji X , and L-mount.

This cookie contains no butter, flour, and chocolate chips. Its ingredients include 12 elements in 8 groups, with two aspherical and four extra-low dispersion elements. It features five aperture blades, creating 10-point sunstars when you stop it down.

Here are the specs and a couple of sample shots:

Focal length 10mm
Aperture range f/4-22
Angle of view 109.3°
Format APS-C
Lens structure 12 elements in 8 groups
(4 ED elements)
Aperture blades 5 blades
Maximum magnification 0.15x
Minimum focusing distance 100mm
Focus Method Manual (MF)
Dimensions for Filter Thread Ø 37mm
Dimensions About Ø 59.8mm (2.35”) * 25mm (0.98”)
Weight About 130g (0.29lbs)
Mount Black & Silver version for all mounts:
Canon RF / Nikon Z / Sony E / L mount / Fuji X
Price 299

The company showed off the 10mm f/4 Cookie lens around this time last year along with eight other lenses. And now it’s finally here and ready for orders. You can get it on Laowa’s website at the price of $299.

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