League of Legends Porcelain Protector, Firecracker, and Crystal Rose skins coming to 12.2 PBE

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League of Legends Season ‘22 is underway, and the patches are rolling out. The 12.1 patch notes just went live, and while LoL fans have that to look forward to, there’s more content on the way. Some of the content is the 12.2 content, which has gone onto the PBE. Some of the content that got dropped in the 12.2 PBE is the new League of Legends Porcelain Protector skins, which is one of the biggest reveals so far.

LoL Porcelain Protector Skins

Riot Games has revealed a few LoL Porcelain skins that will come to the lice game in the near future. These Porcelain skins are coming to the champions: Ezreal & Porcelain Amumu, Kindred, Lissandra & Lux.

The Porcelain Protector skins are a skin line that features a blue, violet, and white color palette. In addition, their skins have pottery themed animations, along with some of the skins having a creature reference, typically in the recall animation. On the other hand, Lissandra’s ult goes for a porcelain flower-like ult, which makes it certainly stand out amongst the crowd. Lux follows the porcelain style effect, as her ult creates a flower animation, which then shoots her lazer beam forward that you get from her ultimate. 

Lastly, it is worth mentioning that Lux get the LoL Proccelain Protector ultimate skin in this new skin line. Once again, Lux wins out.