Lost Ark Release Date revealed at the Game Awards

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The Game Awards 2021 has been and gone, with the show giving the greatest games of the year awards. While it was about celebrating the games of the year, it is also one of the final events of the year to showcase big events. And that is what Amazon Games and Smilegate Studios have taken the opportunity to do.

Smilegate’s popular ARPG themed MMO made an appearance at the show. The game is already out in the Russian and Korean regions, but the western version is only beta, with a test in November and the summer. Many of us got the taste of the game, and it ran rather well, minus the glaring obvious bugs in certain places. Well, it turns out that beta was a good read for many at both Amazon and Smilegate, and so, they announced an official Lost Ark release date at the Game Awards.

Lost Ark Release Date revealed

Smilegate Studios and Amazon games revealed that the upcoming Lost Ark release date is February 11. The game’s release date came with a special reveal trailer. The trailer features one minute of explaining the story of Lost Ark, going through that the chaos gates have burst open, with hordes of baddies coming. We have no choice but to find the ‘lost ark’; otherwise, all is lost. 

Moreso, the Lost Ark release date trailer featured a few bits of gameplay. The trailer opens with a few of the notable class genders, featuring the warrior, mage, assassin, martial artist and ranger.

The end of the trailer mentioned the release date and confirmed a three-day play early period for those who buy a founders pack. The regular game will remain free to play when it officially launches on February 11.

However, the game trailer did not really show off anything else new to the game. If you’re interested in seeing if anything new gets added to the launch, you may be pleased to know AG and SG confirmed the Sorceress is coming to the western launch as part of the game’s localization efforts. The beta didn’t feature anything similar to the usual western notion of a mage, so this will do nicely.

Lost Ark Reveal trailer – watch the new Lost Ark trailer below

If you’re interested in seeing what is going on in the new Lost Ark release date trailer, then we have embedded it below.

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