Microsoft buys moderation company Two Hat to keep the Xbox community safe

Microsoft has acquired content moderation company Two Hat for an undisclosed fee. The tech giant said the deal will allow it to build better online experiences for its various communities, including those on Xbox .

Microsoft and Two Hat have prevously worked together to implement proactive moderation technology into gaming experiences, including tools that detect and remove harmful content before it can reach players.

“Two Hat’s technology has helped to make global communities in Xbox, Minecraft and MSN safer for users. This is thanks to its highly configurable technology, which allows the user to decide what they are comfortable with and what they aren’t,” said Xbox Product Services corporate vice president, Dave McCarthy.

“I’ve witnessed the impact they’ve had within Xbox, and we are thrilled that this acquisition will further accelerate our first-party content moderation solutions across gaming.”

Two Hat will continue to work with its existing clients post-acquisition, and will also be on hand to support Microsoft’s own third-party partners.

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