Microsoft unveils 512GB and 2TB storage cards for the Xbox Series X

Microsoft is releasing new 512GB and 2TB storage expansion cards for the Xbox Series X | S.

The company debuted a 1TB expansion card last year, but has now bolstered the range with variants that will give console owners more wiggle room when it comes to both storage and spending.

The cards, which were designed in collaboration with Seagate and simply slot into the back of the Xbox Series X | S, are able to match the exact performance of both systems’ internal storage.

The 512GB model is expected to retail for $139.99 and will launch in mid-November, while the 2TB option will cost $399.99 and arrive in December.

For context, the Xbox Series X currently retails for $499 and packs 1TB of internal storage, and the Series S is available for $299 and offers 512GB of storage.

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