Multiple PlayStation Exclusives Coming to PC But Not Bloodborne, Says Insider

Sony is just getting started with porting its PlayStation exclusives to PC, but From Software’s PS4 exclusive Bloodborne may not be one of them. Popular modder Lance McDonald, who recently released an unofficial 60fps patch for Bloodborne, says in a social media post that he is aware of “multiple upcoming PC ports of PlayStation exclusive games”, but none are Bloodborne.

The state of Bloodborne on PS4 is, and has never been the best it could be. The game’s PS4 version, which is the only one since it never received an update for the PS4 Pro, suffers from multiple performance issues while locked at 30fps. McDonald’s recent patch for the game unlocked the frame rate of the game at the cost of its resolution on PS4, but it’s clear that an official update by From Software could easily tap into the potential of the game’s performance on console. This is part of the reason why many gamers have been holding out hope for a Bloodborne PC port, since that could potentially get rid of the console version’s defects.

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The PC port of Days Gone improved on the console version.

Sony’s ports of its PS4 exclusives on PC had its fair share of problems beginning with Horizon Zero Dawn. However, if its recent port of Days Gone for PC is anything to go by, then it looks like Sony will be treating any upcoming PC ports well. The company recently acquired Nixxes software, who are known for developing PC ports of console games. A recently leaked Sony investor’s document points to Uncharted 4 being the next PS4 exclusive to make its way to PC, although Sony is yet to officially confirm it.

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