New Irix EdgeVari 2-5 is the most compact variable ND filter there is

Lens and filter manufacturer Irix has announced a brand new Variable ND filter with four stops of density. It’s compact, lightweight, and convenient – and the company claims that it’s the most compact variable ND filter in the market.

The Irix EdgeVari 2-5 is only 6.2mm thick, which makes it half the size of an average ND filter. Obviously, since it’s a variable filter, you can only pack that one into your camera bag instead of packing four different ones. As the name suggests, this filter reduces between two and five stops of light.

According to the company, the filter will produce no vignetting even on wide-angle lenses. Also, you’ll get a natural color rendition so the filter will only reduce the light, and not your image quality.

As far as the construction goes, the filter frame is made of lightweight and durable aluminum and its surface is covered with a black coating. There are 24 coating layers, which makes the filter oil resistant and waterproof, but also reduces reflection. Needless to say, you can use it for photography and video alike.

The Irix EdgeVari 2-5 has a magnetic mount system for easy attachment and removing, but it’s also available in a screw-on version. Both options are available on Irix’s website with prices ranging from €115 (~$130 USD) to €215 (~243 USD), depending on the size. The sizes go from 67mm to 95mm.

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