New World – What is the Veilpiercer and how to get one?

The Veilpiercer is a devastating Epic Bow in New World. And considering just how useful bows are for engaging multiple foes, a good bow can turn the tide in a battle. The Veilpiercer is one of the game’s best bows and thus you’re probably wondering how to get one for yourself. Well don’t worry, we’ll go through the weapon’s specifics now.

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What is the Veilpiercer in New World?

The Veilpiercer in New World is a 590 Gear Score Epic Bow. It uses the Bow Mastery skill that is divided in two different trees. The Skirmisher tree that focuses on the use of Poison. Or the Hunter tree that focuses solely on damage.

The Veilpiercer scales with Dexterity 100%%, and has a weight of 126. It’s durability is at 3,000.

Gear Score 590
Damage 64
Critical Hit Chance 5%
Critical Damage Multiplier 1.3
Black Stamina Damage 42
Base Stagger Damage 42
Thrust Damage 95
Ice Damage 95
of the Cavalier +9 Strength, +19 Dexterity
Frozen IV 50.0% of damage is converted to Ice. Damage scales off base weapon stat or INT, whichever is higher.
Mortal Refreshment When you kill something reduce all cooldowns by  -5%. (5s cooldown.)
Keen +11% critical chance

The Veilpiercer competed with another 580 Epic Bow which can be earned from the Torrent Quest. However, the Veilpiercer retains its high position and high gear score thanks to the plethora of features and buffs it has. And although the materials to craft it aren’t the easiest to come by, it’s certainly worth all the hard work.

How to craft the Veilpiercer?

To craft Veilpiercer you need the following Materials:

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