Nikon’s third teaser focuses on speed and eye and object recognition tracking AF

Nikon released its third Nikon Z9 trailer recently, which focuses on its object tracking and Eye AF capabilities, along with a hint about its burst mode speed towards the end. The video shows off vehicle recognition – something we first saw from Canon with the EOS R3 – which appears to track both cars and motorcycles.

We also see some of the Eye AF performance, along with a pretty rapid burst shooting mode at the end that sounds very quick indeed. For reference, the Nikon D6 shoots 14fps with its mechanical shutter.

After hitting up YouTube to find videos of the Nikon D6 shooting 14fps, I think the Z9 actually sounds like it might be a bit faster. Obviously, the sound is different on the Z9 because there’s no mirror flapping up and down, but the overall frequency on the Z9 does sound quicker in the video above compared to this video of the D6.

The Eye AF performance shown in the teaser, if it’s real and not simulated, is extremely impressive and manages to track with the eyes of the subjects pretty much perfectly – as if it were tracked in After Effects, but in real-time. The vehicle tracking looks equally as powerful with clips tracking the front end of a motorcycle and the headlights of a car – even overcoming the motion blur of the vehicles at close range.

The Nikon Z9 is currently rumoured to be announced on October 28th, which would be about the time when the final teaser is released (within a day or two). And while this teaser along with the first and second teasers don’t really confirm a lot at the moment, they do hint at an overall decent feature set.

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