Panasonic adds 5.7K RAW over HDMI and internal 4K 60fps ProRes 422 HQ recording to the Panasonic GH6

Panasonic has announced a major firmware update for the Panasonic GH6. The new Version 2.0 firmware adds a couple of features that customers have been asking for since the camera was first announced. Namely, 4K 60fps ProRes 422 HQ capture internally as well as full resolution 5.7K and 4K DCI RAW over HDMI output at 60fps and 120fps respectively. And for anamorphic shooters, you also get 5.8K and 4.4K RAW over HDMI.

For 5.7K video, you get up to 60fps and for 4K, you get up to 120fps raw over HDMI. For anamorphic, it’s half that rate. So, 5.8K goes up to 30fps while 4.4K is limited to 60fps. Naturally, you’ll need an external recorder capable of capturing these framerates and resolutions, which means the Atomos Ninja V or Ninja V+ devices if you want to record ProRes RAW.

While the GH6 V2.0 firmware has been announced, it’s not yet actually available to download. It’s coming in July and you’ll be able to download it from the Panasonic website, but here are the patch notes…

GH6 Firmware Version 2.0

1. RAW video data output over HDMI function

– Apple ProRes RAW can be recorded on the ATOMOS NINJA V/V+.

*Selectable recording mode depends on the firmware version of NINJA V/V+.

*Please refer to the ATOMOS website for the information on the corresponding firmware version of NINJA V/V+.

*Software that supports Apple ProRes RAW is required to edit RAW video recorded with NINJA V/V+.

*All functions may not be available depending on the situation.

– A LUT (Lookup table) exclusively designed for RAW video recorded on NINJA V/V+ is available on the following customer support website to make the same color grading as V-Log/V-Gamut. It is easy to match colors between the footages recorded with Panasonic Varicam, EVA1 cameras to combine them. https://panasonic.jp/support/global/cs/dsc/download/lut/s1h_raw_lut/index.html

2. Internal recording C4K 60p/FHD 60p in ProRes 422 HQ/ProRes 422 are available.

With this update, it is possible to load low compression and high-quality data directly to the PC without transcoding for smooth NLE (non-linear editing)

Major Apple ProRes 422 HQ / ProRes 422 Recording Modes

The old ProRes settings…

The new ProRes settings (Left: NTSC / Right: PAL)…

If you want to shoot ProRes RAW, you’ll need to make sure your Atomos Ninja V/V+ firmware is updated as well. Panasonic has also released a dedicated LUT designed exclusively for shooting raw with the Atomos devices to make it easier to match colours and see what you’re shooting properly. This LUT is also compatible with a number of Panasonic’s other cameras that also offer RAW over HDMI output.

The new Panasonic GH6 V2.0 Firmware will be available to download starting on July 5th from the Panasonic website.

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