Phanteks announces Evolv Shift XT SFF PC case at CES 2022

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At CES 2022, stalwart PC cast manufacturer Phanteks unveiled the latest in their evolution of Evolv Shift ITX PC cases. This time, they’ve named the enclosure the Phanteks Evolv Shift XT. We’ve seen the ITX PC market expand significantly over the last few years, including runaway hits such as the Cooler Master NR200P, and many more. More people are cottoning on to the fact that you do not need a huge PC case in order for it to be powerful, so now the ‘small form-factor or SFF PC case market is booming.

A new SFF challenger

Phanteks’ new chassis not only has a small form-factor, but is also able to tailor its size to fulfill whatever cooling that you require. It comes in three different configurations; Compact, Aircooled, and Liquid Cooled Mode respectively. These seem to allow the chassis to slide upwards to accommodate more room for thermal dissipation, with the Liquid Cooled mode standing the tallest out of all of these configurations. This is a welcome change, as people who will want to optimize the space taken up their PC can adequately now configure their case’s size to suit their bespoke needs.

For example, if you want to cool a Ryzen 5800X and a 3080, you probably want more airflow in the system to dissipate the heat from these power-hungry components, and now all you need to do is slide it up. But, if you are happy with some airflow restrictions and undervolting, you can instead choose the compact mode in order to keep your case’s footprint on your desk nice and small while still packing a whole load of power where it counts. One thing that’s pretty interesting is that we’ve not yet seen how this mechanism works, as we all know that more moving parts in a system of any kind mean more points of failure for the device itself. Details are still light on this PC case, and we can’t wait to see more, with no release date or price yet attached to this innovative new case.

It also comes with a PCIe Gen 4 riser cable, so you can maximize your compatibility if you want to use the latest graphics cards without any issues with motherboard compatibility.

We’ll be on the lookout for more from Phanteks in the future, including when we can get out hands on this brand-new PC case.

Phanteks Evolv Shift XT PC case price

Phanteks has not announced a price for their new Evolv Shift XT PC case, but we’d expect for it to be around the $150-$200 USD mark.

Phanteks Evolv Shift XT PC case release date

Phanteks has not yet announced a release date for their new Evolv Shift XT PC case, but we should expect to see it sometime in 2022. We’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for more details as they come.

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