Photographer captures grizzly enjoying a siesta in front of trail cam

Now that the temperatures are climbing, it’s pretty usual for Spaniards to have the odd siesta to make it through the hot afternoons. Bears it seems also enjoy their naps. One lucky wildlife photographer managed to capture one bear’s lengthy sleep in the woods on his trail cam.

Nature photographer Robert Martinez spent three years hoping to capture a bear taking a nap before he finally achieved it. He filmed the bear sleeping for a good four hours in Angeles National Forest.

Martinez knew the area well and saw bear trail evidence as well as scrape marks from mountain lions. Seeing this, he moved the trail cam to a position where he would be more likely to capture interesting footage. However, he wasn’t expecting the bear to make a cosy bed right in front of the lens.

Martinez uses Browning Recon Force series trail cameras that have 20-megapixel sensors and record in 4K to shoot the footage.

Martinez has been closely following ‘Wilford’ the bear for three years with his camera traps. Other footage of him shows him scratching his back against a tree trunk and other bear-like behaviour.

“He spent four hours lounging, stretching, making some of the cutest poses you’ve ever seen. If people couldn’t love him enough, they love him more after this,” Martinez told 8 News Now.

The video is indeed pretty adorable. If anyone is having trouble sleeping I’d urge them to watch this footage of a yawning bear costing up for a lovely long nap. You’ll be joining him in slumberland in no time.

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