Product photos and prices leak for complete DJI Mini 3 Pro package options

So, it looks like there will be three different DJI Mini 3 Pro packages when DJI makes the official announcement, which now seems to be rumoured for May 10th – it was previously rumoured to come yesterday. And after seeing one DJI Mini 3 Pro package leaked by a Dutch retailer, more images have been leaked showing that there will be three different packages available along with their European prices.

The new images come via Jasper Ellens, who’s been one of the major sources of DJI Mini 3 Pro leaks and show off the drone in great detail along with exactly what’s included in each of the three package options. You’ll be able to buy the drone alone – presumably, for just smartphone control – or with the RC-N1 Smart controller or using the full DJI RC Remote Controller with a built-in display.

The smallest package, which is basically just the drone and the bare essentials is priced at €739 in the EU. Exactly how that will translate to the US remains to be seen, although I expect the number will be somewhere similar, but with the € symbol swapped out for a $ one. The middle package comes with the DJI RC-N1 Smart Controller which uses your smartphone as a display and will cost €829.

The highest-end package appears to include the full DJI RC Remote Controller with a built-in display so that you can leave your phone squarely in your pocket. All three packages show the 249g battery coming as standard with no mention of the “Intelligent Flight Battery Plus” that brings the flight time up from 34 to 47 minutes. With regard to “Fly more” combo kits, it looks like those will be €189 over the regular price.

The announcement date is currently rumoured to be May 10th, but as with all rumoured announcement dates, there are no guarantees, especially when it comes to DJI. An announcement was expected yesterday and yesterday came and went without a peep out of DJI.  But, we’ll keep you posted as we hear more!

[via DroneDJ]

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