PS5 Restock India Discord Server Could Help You Buy Sony’s New Console

With the latest PS5 India restock date slated for next week, one of the crucial rallying points for the community is a Discord server run by Mumbai-based management student Satyaswaroop Mansinghka. From details on the latest restocks to where to buy accessories like the upcoming PS5 DualSense Midnight Black and Cosmic Red controllers, the Discord server, simply called PlayStation India, is where gamers in the country tend to congregate and help each other out. IGN India caught up with Mansinghka – on Discord no less – to find out more.

“During November 2020, there was little to no information of the PS5 release in India, PlayStation gamers were struggling so much due to lack of communication by Sony,” he says. “It was so hard to just to find genuine information outside of what The Mako Reactor provided. I thought there must be many people struggling like me, so [I] just wanted to connect all gamers together in the hunt for the PS5, but now this server has become much more to me.”

Discord is a curious choice. The chat app made headlines with reports of a potential Microsoft buyout that never happened. In India it has a cult following, with most gaming discourse relegated to Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter as well as being fragmented across multiple WhatsApp and Telegram groups. We wondered why Mansinghka chose Discord over other platforms.

“Twitter was the only source before, but it was limited since gamers like me couldn’t chat together in a group, same with Facebook,” he says. “Discord allowed me to create different channel for every related topic to PlayStation and other platforms.”

Holding Sony Accountable with #RestockPS5India

More importantly though, Mansinghka believes the ability to converse in real-time allowed him and the community to coordinate and rally around the #RestockPS5India hashtag which originated from discourse on the server. This let them voice their anger over Sony’s lack of availability for the PS5 after its February launch.

“I believe that if we didn’t fight with Sony over it, we may not have gotten any restocks on time,” he says.

Aside from holding Sony accountable, the Discord server hosts bots for all consoles, not just the PS5 disc edition in addition to having helpful members. A combination of both have allowed over “1000+” of its close to 3,000 members to get a PS5 Mansinghka tells us.

“Majority of the gamers in this server were able to secure the PS5 day one just with the aid of one another,” he says. ‘’We have fast restock bots for all the consoles, not only ps5, but the digital variant and Xbox Series X|S too. These run on Google cloud and currently support all major retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, Croma, and Reliance Digital. This would not be possible without Shriyans Gandhi, our server developer.”

Moderation and Misinformation

While the pandemic has resulted in Mansinghka’s classes being held online there’s an inordinate amount of activity on the server on a daily basis. He counts on six moderators as well as another administrator in addition to himself to monitor the chatter.

And while it’s a grass roots community built by fans, the team is highly aware of the damage fake news could do. To the point where it is policy to fact check information before it gets posted.

“We have an announcement channel that we use for every important information, and we post it only after cross-checking it twice,” he says.

So what’s next for this community? Well Mansinghka is clear that he doesn’t want the journey to end when everyone gets a PS5. “We have a plan of kickstarting a region-based multi-game championship,” he says. “This will feature a host of games panning across various states with regional and national champions being crowned.”

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