Remember the iPod Sock? Now meet the AirPods Beanie

Here’s a term you probably haven’t heard in a while: iPod Sock. Remember those cute knitted wooly protectors for Apple’s iPod music players? Well, they’re back. Kinda.

Third-party accessory maker Native Union has fashioned the AirPods Beanie, to add a little protection and clothing to your AirPods or AirPods Pro case.

Considering we just passed the 20th anniversary of the launch of one of the most iconic tech products of all time, Native Union wants to take you on a ‘trip down memory lane’.

Native Union’s inspiration is clear. It believes AirPods are this-generation’s equivalent of the iPod in a way they transport music to listeners in a no-strings manner.

AirPods Beanie

The company says: “Apple’s original iPod Socks were iconic for a reason. Introduced as a “revolutionary new product” for the iPod, it was the first time the world saw Apple taking such a fun angle on its own product. Bright, colourful, and instantly recognisable, the iPod Socks became a fan favourite and over the years, inspired DIYs all over. It was a more enjoyable, ‘cute’ way to style your essential device.

“It’s now 2021: the age of streaming. You no longer need “a thousand songs in your pocket” when there are millions just a tap away in the cloud. The AirPods are Apple’s solution to that shift, and they’ve become an essential for how this generation consumes music.”

Thankfully, they won’t interfere with the Qi wireless charging either, so you can be stylish and functional.

It looks like the 4-packs of AirPods Beanies, which come in two-tone pastel colours, are pretty popular as they’re already sold out. They’re made from recycled materials (nylon and spandex) and fit all of the AirPods cases released thus far.

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